Last Spell
The Last Spell

The Last Spell Ultimate Guide: Roguelite Tactical RPG

The Last Spell
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Before You Consider The Last Spell Ask Yourself If You like:

  • Waves of Zombie Hordes?
  • City Building?
  • Base Defense?
  • Tactical Turn Based RPGs?
  • Roguelites?
  • Endless Hours Of Nail-Biting Fun?

If you answered yes to any of those questions then The Last Spell is definitely a must buy for you! Long story short The game is about magic gone wrong creating an endless purple mist and hordes of violent zombies ravaging the lands. It is your job to lead a group of brave warriors to defend a town and its mages attempting to cast “The Last Spell” to end all magic and hopefully rid the land of the mist and zombies.

The game is essentially carried out within 3 major phases. Except for your 1st turn you start out with the production phase where you can gather resources, build defenses, repair buildings, heal your heroes, and otherwise prepare for the next wave. The next phase is your deployment where you can properly position your party members to be strategically ready for the incoming zombies. Your 3rd and final phase is where all the action takes places. Your heroes and the zombies take turns duking it out until you either survive the undead onslaught or your town falls to the horde.

As you survive various waves you earn loot and gold for your heroes as well as level them up. They can learn new abilities from a classless skill tree system so the possibilities are endless for party customization. Mana management is an important part of survival as well because it is needed for most abilities that can deal serious damage to the incoming horde. You will not beat the game on your first run. This is by design as you earn souls from the undead you kill and blessings from earning high scores at the end of each wave. You can then spend these souls and blessings to get various buffs and perks to make you next run less painful.

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