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Metroid Dread FAQs: The side-scroller is here!

What is Metroid Dread?

It is Nintendo’s first side-scroller Metroid game in almost two decades! Long considered vaporware by Metroid fans at E3 2021 we finally get the reveal.

The release is currently only for the Nintendo Switch. The long awaited holy grail of many hardcore Metroid fans. Nintendo has finally rewarded their player base for their years of patience.

When does Metroid Dread release?

On October 8th, 2021 the game will release on Nintendo Switch. After nearly 20 years the game will finally make its way into gamer’s hands.

Metroid Dread
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Fans have been waiting almost 20 years for another Metroid release that returns to the 2d world.

Especially after all the rumors and years of anticipation Nintendo would be amiss to delay this game any longer save for major development holes. Here’s to hoping for a successful October release!

Who are the new enemies hunting Samus in Metroid Dread?

Named E. M. M. I. (with no explanation on the acronym) are the robots that were once peaceful DNA-extracting research machines.

These robots seem to be mostly immune to weapons. Samus should avoid them as much as possible due to the instant death if they manage to capture you. So far that is all we know.

We will have to either wait for more information or for the game’s release to find out how these robots became the scourge of planet ZDR.

Will Samus have any new abilities and powers?

So far in the reveal we have seen Samus use parkour to navigate obstacles and counter various enemies. We also see Samus make use of the Phantom Cloak.

Which is a camouflage device that also slows down Samus’ movement. The free aim ability of Metroid: Samus Returns makes a welcome comeback with a twist.

You can now use it while moving allowing for much more accurate fire. We also saw a new dash melee move that allows Samus to ram into enemies without losing momentum.

Lastly there is a new version of the Omega Cannon from Metroid Prime Hunters which will pack a serious punch.

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