How to Use Smite VGS Commands and Emotes

All the emote controller and keyboard combinations for all emotes

The in-game voice, otherwise known as the Voice Guided System (VGS), has a number of various button combinations that are tough to master. These commands, however, can be grouped into three categories: commands regarding the enemy, commands regarding the team, and commands that are meant for fun.

Enemy Commands

Enemy Location and Ultimate Commands

These commands play a significant part in communication, as it specifies the last seen location of an enemy and whether an ultimate is incoming or down. It’s incredibly useful in rallying up team members to group up and attack the enemy.

Enemies in left lane!VB1
Enemies in middle lane!VB2
Enemies in right lane!VB3
Enemies in the left jungle!VBJ1
Enemies in the right jungle!VBJ3
Enemies in the jungle!VBJJ
Enemies at the Fire Giant!VBF
Enemies at the Gold Fury!VBG
Enemies at our Titan!VBM
Enemies behind us!VBE
Enemies have returned to base.VBB
Enemies spotted!VBS
Enemy ultimate incoming!VBA
Enemy ultimate down!VBD

Missing In Action Commands

Incoming Commands

These commands warn the team of incoming enemies and in which lane they are coming from.

Team Commands

Attack Commands

These commands are used to call for an attack on a single lane, a turret or phoenix in a lane, an objective camp in the jungle, the enemy’s titan, or in general. They can also be used to refer to oneself if an attempt to attack is being made.

Attack left lane!VA1
Attack middle lane!VA2
Attack right lane!VA3
Attack Fire Giant!VAF
Attack the Gold Fury!VAG
Attack the Titan!VAM
Attack left tower (or phoenix)!VAT1
Attack middle tower (or phoenix)!VAT2
Attack right tower (or phoenix)!VAT3
I’ll attack left lane!VSA1
I’ll attack middle lane!VSA2
I’ll attack right lane!VSA3
I’ll attack!VSAA
I’ll attack Fire Giant!VSAF
I’ll attack the Gold Fury!VSAG
I’ll attack the Titan!VASM

Careful Commands

Careful commands are helpful in warning the team about a possible enemy encounter. These commands can be used conjointly with

Gank Commands

Gank commands are pivotal in guiding a Jungler to where a gank needs to happen, or in other words, where the Jungler needs to ambush. These commands also consist of self commands, which means the Jungler (or whoever would want to attempt a gank) can alert the team to prepare for an ambush on the enemy. To gank a lane is to sneak into the lane through the jungle and strike the opponents until they are either defeated or pushed back.

Gank left lane!VG1
Gank middle lane!VG2
Gank right lane!VG3
I’ll gank left lane!VSG1
I’ll gank middle lane!VSG2
I’ll gank right lane!VSG3
I’ll gank!VSGG

These commands are to indicate to teammates if an enemy is missing from a specific lane or in general. This is especially helpful when strategizing and estimating where the enemy could be located by the process of elimination.

Enemy missing left!VF1
Enemy missing middle!VF2
Enemy missing right!VF3
Enemy missing!VFF

Social Emote Commands

These commands are made to make jokes with your teammates and taunt your opponents. Some of these commands can only be unlocked after obtaining them in chests or by buying them.

Emote PC PlayStationXBOXSwitch
Special 2VXG
Global EmoteVXE

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