Steam Deck: FAQs On Valve’s Foray Into Portable PC Gaming

Steam Deck: Valves Does What Nintendon't

What can the Steam Deck do? What can’t it do would be the more appropriate question here! You are getting a full PC setup in what is essentially a new form factor designed for portable gaming.

  • Wipe the OS and install your own? Check.
  • Use mods both from steam workshop and 3rd party sources? Check.
  • Connect any peripherals you want? Check.
  • Dock it for a more full desktop experience? Check.
  • Expand your storage? Check.
  • Run AAA games at 60FPS at console quality or better? Check.
  • Make Nintendo cry in a corner? Che… well let’s wait and see 😉

How powerful Valve’s Steam Deck? With 16gb of dual channel LPDDR5 RAM, its Zen 2 SMT enabled quad core CPU, and an APU boasting 8 RDNA 2 Compute Units. This device is more than capable of providing enough power to drive AAA games on it 720p display.

What games will be available? With SteamOS using Proton to enable a wide variety of PC games you won’t be starved for choices. In addition with the ability to install your own OS such as Windows 10/11 you can expect massive compatibility with just about every PC game in your library.

Do you need a PC for Steam Deck? Thankfully the answer is NO. The device is a PC itself and fully functions all on its own. There isn’t any other hardware or peripherals required to use or setup Valve’s new device. A completely optional dock will be up for sale in the Steam store as well as any third party USB type c dock should be compatible.

Can you play all Steam games on Steam Deck? Yes… but with a catch. While the Proton software baked into SteamOS enables compatibility for a wide variety of games sold on Steam. Some Steam games will still require a Windows installation to run properly.

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