state of mind nintendo switch

State of Mind: Overview and FAQs

Release Date
August 15, 2018
Daedalic GmbH
Daedalic Entertainment
Supported Languages
Japanese, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, English
ESRB Rating
M: Blood, Language, Partial Nudity, Sexual Themes, Use of Drugs, Violence

Is State of Mind worth buying in 2021?

Considering this game is routinely on sale for as little as $1.99, this is absolutely worth buying. Playing the futuristic pianos alone is worth the price. Plus, exploring this gorgeous world alone is worth the $1.99 sale price.

How do you save your game in State of Mind?

To save your game, you will need to look for a small green triangle in the upper right corner of the screen. This indicates that the game is saving.

One of the game devs indicated that was by design in order to keep you hooked in to the story of the game. If you were allowed to save in the middle of a scene or chapter, you would likely forget little details when you started from that save point in your next session.

The dev felt that having to replay a few minutes of a scene makes for a better cohesive experience overall.

How long is State of Mind?

The average playthrough is approximately 15 hours.

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