Soundodger+: Frequently Asked Questions

Answers for all your questions around Soundoger+

Game Title
Year Released
Studio Bean

How do I play Soundodger+?

Soundodger+ is a rhythm game in which you play as a circle dodging various bullets that spawn with the music. You play as the small circle and to move, you can either use the mouse or keyboard. There are also different means of moving your character, such as a drawing tablet, a joystick, or a USB controller.

How do I play other peoples levels on Soundodger+?

To play other peoples levels, you can visit game forums such as Reddit and the Steam community page. From there, you can find different levels created by the community.

How do I download Soundodger+?

Soundodger+ can be installed from it’s page on the Steam store.

Why is there no music in Soundodger+?

This can be the result of an error in your games files. To combat this, assuming you downloaded the game off of steam, you can right click the game from your library, click onto properties, and find an option to verify the game’s integrity. If that doesn’t work, you can contact the developer through his email on the official website.

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