Raccoon Adventure: Animal City Simulator 3D Farm Super Deluxe Switch Review

Let me start by saying in the beginning tutorial portion of the game, you need to be Sam Fisher and be super stealthy if you want to advance at all. You will think by the innocuous title of the game and the gentle atmospherics that your entrance into the game will be a peaceful one.

It will not.

Raccoon adventure, switch review
Cold dose of reality in the opening seconds of the game. Get used to it.

Red eyed wolves will cut you down, over and over, until you realize – eventually, like my dumb self that you need to utilize Delta Force levels of stealth if you want to have any hope to survive the first 10 seconds of the game.

I like a good challenge, but kids under 7 or so are going to find this opening sequence pretty difficult to advance through. I definitely would have nerfed the tutorial a bit.


Sadly, I was not able to get more than about 30 minutes into the game. And this 30 minutes was trying to navigate through 3 short sequences. My patience simply ran out. The movement is janky, the camera is janky, and this gives you the feeling of helplessness.

The first real puzzle I got to offered no real clues. And when you pair this with clunky movement and spastic camera movements, it’s just not fun.

There’s framerate issues aplenty also.

Another game I really wanted to like. The idea of an open world sandbox where you get to live vicariously through a raccoon. sounded fun. Raccoon are already troublemakers, I was so ready to make a ruckus in the world as a mischievous raccoon, but it’s just too unforgiving and lacks polish.

I got it in the eShop for $1.99. It isn’t worth more than this. If you are veteran with these kinds of games, a ‘shovel ware whisperer’ of sorts, you might like this game.

Publisher: Dezbolt Games

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