Netherite Minecraft FAQs Diamond’s Final Form

Netherite Minecraft

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What is Netherite in Minecraft? It is a hard to find ore found in the Nether that was added in 1.16. It’s main use is to upgrade diamond tools, weapons, and armor. These items are even stronger and more durable than diamond, they float in lava, and can’t burn. All of the blocks are unbreakable as well.

How do I obtain Netherite? You’ll want to mine for Ancient Debris which is an ore found mostly between layers 5 and 23 in the Nether, You then want to smelt the Ancient Debris in a furnace which rewards you with scrap and exp. It takes 4 scraps and 4 gold ingots in a shapeless recipe to make a single ingot of the material. You can then use a smithing table along with a diamond tool to upgrade it.

Why can’t I find any ancient debris? Make sure you are up to date with the latest version of Minecraft. Or make sure you are at least using a build of 1.16 or later. Make sure to look in the Nether between layers 5 and 23 for best results. If playing on a world generated before 1.16 you’ll either need to delete and regenerate your Nether or travel out far enough to Nether chunks that have not been loaded yet.

Can anything destroy Netherite blocks? While these blocks are almost unbreakable with explosion values of 7/8 cactus blocks and blue wither skulls can still destroy them so watch out for those.

Can Netherite be found or obtained outside of the Nether? Currently no. Ancient Debris can only be mined in the nether and then used to craft it into scrap. Scrap can also be found inside chests in Bastion Remnants which are also only located inside the Nether.

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