Invisible Woman: The Unseen Force in Marvel Strike Force

In Marvel Strike Force, every character brings a unique flavor to the table. Among them, the Invisible Woman stands out with her stealth and defensive abilities. This article delves into the world of Invisible Woman, helping you grasp her potential in the game fully.


Marvel Strike Force Overview

Marvel Strike Force, the strategy RPG, grants you the role of a commander leading a team of Marvel heroes and villains to defend Earth from invasions.

Introduction to Invisible Woman

Meet Invisible Woman, originally known as Sue Storm, a linchpin of the Fantastic Four team, with her ability to become invisible and create force fields making her a character of great utility in Marvel Strike Force.

Invisible Woman in Marvel Universe

Comic Book History

Invisible Woman’s journey began in the early 1960s as a member of the Fantastic Four, embodying grace and power, and becoming an icon of strength and resilience over the years.

Appearance in Movies

Sue Storm has been portrayed in various movies, encapsulating her elegance and determination, becoming a favorite for her blend of strength and nurturing personality.

Invisible Woman in Marvel Strike Force

Character Overview

In MSF, Invisible Woman leverages her invisibility and force field generation to play a crucial defensive role, protecting her allies and herself from enemy attacks.

Abilities and Skills

Her skill set includes the ability to shield allies, create force fields to absorb damage, and turn invisible to avoid enemy attacks, presenting a strategic depth in gameplay.

Building a Strong Invisible Woman

Acquisition Process

To recruit Invisible Woman, players need to complete the specific events and missions designed to acquire shards necessary for her recruitment.

Upgrade Strategies

When upgrading, focus on enhancing her defensive abilities and skills that boost her shield generation to build a strong Invisible Woman character in your lineup.

Playing Strategies

Solo Missions

In solo missions, her shielding abilities can be a game-changer, providing an edge by absorbing damage and protecting your team from substantial hits.

Team Strategies

In team compositions, pairing her with other Fantastic Four members can unlock synergies that enhance her abilities, making your team a fortress against enemies.

Key Takeaways

  • Versatility and Utility
    • Invisible Woman offers versatility through her ability to shield allies and become invisible, bringing a utility-centric approach to the game.
  • Defensive Master
    • With her defensive abilities, Invisible Woman stands as a master in defense, a cornerstone in building a team with robust protective strategies.
  • Synergies with Fantastic Four
    • Utilizing Invisible Woman with other Fantastic Four members can unlock powerful synergies, setting a strong foundation for your team’s defense.


Invisible Woman is not just a character but a phenomenon in Marvel Strike Force, bringing a blend of defense and strategy to your team. As a player, leveraging her unique abilities can pave the way for a fortified defense, making her an unseen force guarding your team fiercely in the battlegrounds of MSF.


  1. Who is the Invisible Woman in Marvel Universe?
    • Invisible Woman, also known as Sue Storm, is a core member of the Fantastic Four, known for her invisibility and force field generation abilities.
  2. What abilities does Invisible Woman offer in Marvel Strike Force?
    • In MSF, Invisible Woman provides defensive abilities including shielding allies, creating force fields to absorb damage, and utilizing invisibility to evade attacks.
  3. How can one recruit Invisible Woman in the game?
    • Recruiting Invisible Woman involves completing specific events and missions to gather the necessary shards for her recruitment.
  4. What are the strategies to play Invisible Woman effectively in MSF?
    • Effective strategies involve leveraging her defensive abilities in shielding allies and becoming invisible, and creating powerful synergies with Fantastic Four team members for a fortified defense.
  5. What are the upgrade strategies for Invisible Woman?
    • Upgrading Invisible Woman should focus on enhancing her defensive capabilities and abilities that augment her shield generation for a stronger presence in the battleground.

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