Answers to all your Mario Kart Switch questions

Mario Kart is one of the most popular video games in history, and now you can play it on the go with Nintendo’s newest console.

With a few questions about what to expect from this release, we’ve compiled a list of answers that will help get you ready to do amazing things on the track!

How do I unlock characters in Mario Kart Switch?

To unlock new characters in Mario Kart, you’ll have to complete Grand Prix races. Each cup is divided into four races total. If you place first in all of the individual races within that particular cup, then you will be able to move on and challenge the next cup with a different selection of tracks.

How many karts are there?

There are a total of 30 different karts in Mario Kart for the Nintendo Switch.

How to unlock Metal Mario in Mario Kart Switch?

Metal Mario is a part of the “Heavy” class, so you will have to play as a Heavy character in order to unlock Metal Mario. To do this, focus on playing with Donkey Kong and Wario while also placing first in every Grand Prix cup before moving forward through the game.

How many tracks are there?

There are 32 tracks in Mario Kart. The first four of these are available at the start while the remaining 28 will need to be unlocked by playing through Grand Prix mode and earning Gold Trophies on each cup before moving forward.

What is Battle Mode?

Battle Mode has been revamped for this version of Mario Kart, so it has a few new additions. For one, there are now five different types of battle modes where you can choose to participate in Balloon Battle, Coin Runners, Bob-omb Blast, Shine Thief and the all-new Renegade Roundup which tasks players with capturing their opponent’s while avoiding being caught themselves.

How to begin race with a boost in Mario Kart Switch?

In every Mario Kart game, there is a technique called a boost start. This can be used to get ahead of the other racers. Hold down the acceleration button from when you hear the second beep until you see “go!” on your screen

How to drift in Mario Kart Switch?

To drift around corners, hold either brake button while turning on a sharp turn. Mario Kart explains this during the loading screen before each race.

Is there a first-person view in Mario Kart Switch?

There is not currently a first person mode offered. However, it has been confirmed that this will be added to the game as free DLC shortly after launch. Will battle mode have items? Battle Mode does not feature any items at all and instead focuses on pure competition

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